ALKALINE BUILDER                                                LAUNDRY BRIGHTNER                                          EMULSIFYING DETERGENT

                  PH NEUTRALIZER                                                      LAUNDRY SOFTNER                                                     OXY BRIGHTNER

CH PRO is pleased to provide inservice training for laundry staff as requested which will prevent issues that diminish results, such as:
quality control inconsistencies or gaps, cross contamination
improper usage of laundry equipment, lack of WHIMIS and Safety Handling refreshers and updates
We will maintain and service dispensing equipment at no charge to the customer. Our technicians will check calibrations and make adjustments as necessary to achieve results that may be affected by water flow, mineral content and PH levels.


CH PRO has built a reputation for delivering on our promise to provide innovative laundry technology.  Premium products, dispensing systems, equipment and laundry programs that reinforce our commitment to you. Our unique SLS Laundry programs do more than just clean they will enhance the value of your operation by saving labour, waste and improving expense management.